5 e-Commerce Innovations Dispensaries & Delivery Services Need To Provide

With new players entering the cannabis delivery game every day, we don’t have to tell you competition is stiff. Your territory can be overtaken by a faster mover when you least expect it! Get on our list now or keep reading.

Choose e-commerce innovation to outpace your competition.

Did you know that the below five innovations are expected by your customers today?

Here’s why.

1. Repeat Customers Love One-Click Reordering

No matter how good a product is, if the checkout experience feels complex, customers will probably forget about you once the first transaction is complete.

2. Automated Scalability for Traffic Peaks

One of the weaknesses of e-commerce is that it is almost impossible to predict when a peak in traffic will break your store. If you use a progressive web app, you can scale automatically, 24/7, based on how much demand you have.

3. Stay Close with a Branded App In Your Customer’s Hand

While e-commerce helps you reach a bigger audience, having an app allows you to unlock world-class selling features like one-click reordering, loyalty points, and more.

4. Boost Sales with Easily Displayed Smart Deals and Auto-suggested Products

With Smart Deals, your first sale will never be the last. Easily display your latest deals, and automatically display related products like you see at Amazon, and watch the sales roll in.

5. Loyalty & Referral Programs Keep Them Coming Back — With Friends!

Why use expensive funnels when you can let your customers market for you?

Imagine delivering an Amazon-like experience with a service like this. Get your branded app in just 24 hours.

Take your cannabis delivery service to the next level with Drop

With Drop, you can turn customer satisfaction into repeat purchases, word of mouth, and growth. We provide all five of the innovations you just read about, and more!

Our simple, all-in-one platform is built to help you process sales, market to existing customers, handle inventory and staff, and last mile delivery logistics to track drivers and deliveries. Our integration with METRC helps you stay compliant with state regulations.

We also make you your own branded app so you stand out from the competition with a superior customer experience right in every customer’s hand.

In 15 minutes, see how overnight you can turn on a proven, fail-proof operating system for your business. This same integrated platform helped deliver over $40M in goods and over 320K successful deliveries for Drop clients.

Talk to an expert or get on our list.



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