5 Reasons Your Local Business Needs E-Commerce

If you’re a local cannabis retailer, delivery service owner, or a social equity licensee planning your business, do you know the one thing you can do to expand your brand awareness and have your store open 24/7 online?

The answer: Get e-commerce.

We’ve rounded up five reasons why even a small local retailer, dispensary or delivery service needs e-commerce capability.

Expand your brand awareness and keep your store open 24/7 online.

⚡ Customer expectations are skyrocketing

Your shoppers are looking for transparency. They are looking to have their issues resolved as fast as possible. Not having customer support can result in losing that customer forever as they have a lot to choose from!

⚡ Going online can mean a better experience for your local fans

Your business hours just went from limited to unlimited! Now your customers can shop 24/7 when you show your inventory online and allow purchase for pickup or delivery. Get on our mailing list for more insights or keep reading.

⚡ Shopping cart software offers seamless online retail experience

Make it easier and more enjoyable for your customers to shop, order and pay directly from your website. A single screen checkout boosts sales,reduces abandoned carts.

Better shopping carts make online retail enjoyable for your customers.

⚡ Capture analytics and export detailed sales reporting

A good shopping cart must have built-in sales reporting and analytics capabilities. Be sure that you can track product sales down to a significant level of detail. Sales reports should also be easy to export.

⚡ Improve your brand awareness

Let the world know what your brand is about! With search engine optimization on your site, engine crawlers will improve the likelihood that your target audience will know who you are.

Want to get on the same level as your competitors? Want to go beyond them? We’ve got you at Drop!

Drop’s premium e-commerce app is backed by an all-in-one platform to run your delivery business.

Drop is the complete software suite for cannabis delivery services with its own branded e-commerce app, customizable rewards program, SMS texting to communicate with customers, smart deals to increase revenue, compliancy integration with METRC for state regulations, mobile inventory to manage a driver’s daily inventory on the road and improve delivery efficiency, last mile delivery logistics to track drivers and deliveries, and the ultimate dashboard to manage everything from inventory to staff. Phew!

In 15 minutes we’ll show you how overnight you can turn on a proven, fail-proof e-commerce system for your business. This same program helped deliver over $40M of goods and over 320K successful deliveries for Drop clients.

Schedule a 15 min consultation with our Sales Director Quincy now, and learn how you can have your local business reach more people within and outside your community!



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