6 Reasons You Need a Branded Cannabis Delivery App

With the proliferation of cannabis consumer businesses across the United States, the need for reliable and hassle-free delivery is greater than ever.

To successfully compete in a crowded marketplace, it’s important to treat this lucrative industry as just that — a legitimate business endeavor with untold potential.

Without a branded app, you may be letting the competition pass you

Without a branded app, you may be letting the competition pass you.

A branded app will deliver invaluable ROI and help your cannabis business stand out from the rest.

Reason #1 : Everybody’s doing it.

Even before the pandemic hit, delivery services apps from food to ride shares to traditional consumer goods were on the rise. The cannabis industry is no different. In fact, according to an article in High There, “44% of medical marijuana users across the U.S. regularly used a cannabis delivery service to buy their bud.”

You need to set yourself apart from competitors.

An intuitive, comprehensive branded app can help elevate your business and bring in more customers.

Everyone’s doing it. How are you going to set yourself apart?

Reason #2 : Anytime. Anywhere.

A branded app can help you meet your customers where they are — their phones. A recent study found that, “In 2019, smartphones accounted for over 60 percent of all retail website visits worldwide.”

By integrating your delivery services with a user-friendly, highly functional, customizable app, customers will associate your products with a unique image and process.

With a branded app, your services will literally be at your customers fingertips so they can find you, anytime, anywhere.

In this modern age of smart phones, convenience is king!

Reason #3 : Don’t just sell a product, create an experience.

In order to compete in any business, you have to be able to provide a valuable service. In order to excel in business, you have to provide a valuable experience. Customers know there are plenty of other services like yours. Without a unique experience, there’s no need for them to remain loyal.

It’s the same reason everyone from millennials to moms choose Domino’s pizza to satisfy their late-night munchies. Domino’s understood that the key to modernizing their business was an easy-to-use branded app. When Domino’s chief digital officer recognized the need “not to be a pizza company that sells online,” but rather “an e-commerce company that sells pizza,” their whole approach to customizing their delivery app shifted. It’s how Domino’s rose to the top of the major US pizza chains.

With a branded app, you can create loyalty with rewards programs, provide direct SMS texting and easily and accurately let customers track their orders.

With a customizable app and easy one-click reordering, it’s easier than ever to convert one time clients into repeat customers.

Reason #4 : A better way to manage your growing business.

From tracking digital sales, to managing inventory, to ensuring fast and reliable delivery, running an online business is complex. Creating a hassle-free user experience is essential, but so is marketing and building your brand.

Understanding digital sales and how to market your most unique selling points will help differentiate your cannabis delivery services.

With a branded app like Drop, you can get valuable marketing support to help attract new customers. Create targeted ad campaigns to boost sales and expand your reach.

Reason #5 : Get real time feedback and valuable business insights.

In order to improve and grow your business, you need to understand how you’re doing. A branded app provides valuable insights –like how quickly orders were delivered, your top territories and your most popular products.

Having unlimited access to the data driving your business allows you to better track what your customers want and need.

With valuable feedback from easy-to-understand analytics, you can see how successful your marketing is, how efficient your delivery services are and how many new and returning customers you have.

Real time data and statistics help you focus on where you can make improvements to drive your business forward, remove redundancies, and fine-tune your business process.

Outsourcing delivery to a third-party service or app can leave you and your customers frustrated and dissatisfied

Reason #6 : You control your business.

Delivery logistics are complex. Customers have come to expect fast, efficient and reliable delivery. But with so many variables that can impact supply chain and delivery, outsourcing delivery to a third-party service or application can leave you and your customers frustrated and dissatisfied.

A branded app for delivery service can put you in control of delivery logistics with integrated features that let you and your customer see your drivers’ locations in real-time so you can troubleshoot quickly. You can also confirm that each order sent out is received and know exactly when the order was delivered.

By maintaining control of the entire delivery process, you’ll eliminate these common logistical issues.

No matter your business, having a branded app these days is critical to the success of your business. Even if your app is not one of the most frequently used, simply having it can have a huge impact. The business experts at Forbes note that, “Being ‘in the way’ can be an advantage to your company, as our mind unconsciously does record every image and text (or well-designed app icon!) it comes across — even if it happens unnoticed.”

You’ve got a great product. Let Drop take all the worry and hassle out of getting it out to more customers today while you build a sustainable brand for tomorrow. Book a consult now.

Drop Delivery is the cannabis industry’s only all-in-one compliant delivery management platform.

The Drop Delivery platform offers advanced technology that empowers business owners like you to manage inventory, dispatch and driver logistics, marketing tools, digital loyalty programs, and provides you with your own white-label, e-commerce mobile app. With Drop Delivery, you can launch your own delivery service within hours.

In 15 minutes, see how overnight you can turn on a proven, fail-proof all-in-one operating system for your cannabis delivery business. This same white-labeled ecommerce app and integrated platform helped deliver over $40M in goods and over 320K successful deliveries for Drop clients.

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