It’s Time for Cannabis Businesses To Catch-Up To Other Industries

Cannabis dispensaries and delivery businesses looking to serve the 12% of Americans who say they consume cannabis — and retain their loyalty and business — need to evolve.

With zoning restrictions, commercial rents, and operating costs on the rise, the pressure is on.

Meet your customers where they are, with technology

It’s time for a mindset shift

Much like your counterparts in other industries, such as groceries, fashion, and beauty, dispensaries and delivery services now need to offer an e-commerce customer experience as easy, intuitive, and reliable as ordering anything else.

We know the cannabis industry has unique challenges. It’s no wonder why many smaller operators have defaulted to the “no-frills” route when it comes to their online presence.

Small cannabis businesses can compete by using online platforms

Here are four technologies that cannabis businesses like yours should consider, and meet customers where they are.

  • 👉 Custom storefronts
  • 👉 Shortcuts
  • 👉 Better searches and filters
  • 👉 Loyalty programs

Learn how Drop Delivery sees cannabis businesses effectively using technology.

Drop is the complete software suite for Cannabis delivery services with its own branded e-commerce app, customizable rewards program, SMS texting to communicate with customers, smart deals to increase revenue, compliancy integration with METRC for state regulations, last mile delivery logistics to track drivers and deliveries, and the ultimate dashboard to manage everything from inventory to staff.

In 15 minutes see how overnight you can turn on a proven, fail-proof rewards program for your business. This same all-in-one platform helped deliver over $40M in goods and over 320K successful deliveries for Drop clients.

Get on our list or schedule a 15 min consult with our Sales Director Quincy now.



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