Top 10 Headaches That An All-In-One Platform Solves 🥵💊

If you run a cannabis delivery service or are a social equity license holder planning to launch you might think you need four or five different systems — all from different service providers — to run your day-to-day business.

What a headache. You used to have NO choice. 🤯

Choosing multiple software solutions to run your business = huge financial and operational problems for cannabis retailers.

Traditionally, dispensaries and delivery companies had no choice but to use multiple software platforms to run their day-to-day operations.

You need…

  • A Point of Sale (POS) retail software 🛒
  • A customer relationship management (CRM) software 🤲
  • A software for Fleet Management 🚘
  • A digital loyalty program 💝
  • Access to a SMS marketing platform 💬
  • And finally, you need an online e-Commerce presence 🧑🏽‍💻

If you chose a different software for each of your needs, you’ve got yourself a fragmented software stack! In other words, you are using multiple software solutions to run your business.

You should be aware that poses huge financial and operational problems for cannabis retailers. Subscribe to our newsletter to get more insights like this.

If you chose a different software for each of your business needs, you’ve got yourself a fragmented software stack

Top 10 headaches that an all-in-one software solves

An all-in-one software solves problems your company would be experiencing with multiple vendors: data silos, lots of inefficiencies, risk, higher costs, lost revenue, and poor customer experience. 🥵

Here they are, the headaches that will keep you up at night:

  1. Silos in data — no easy way to act on customer data insights, like integrated SMS marketing to consumers of certain products or territories
  2. Inefficiencies with support staff — Multiple software vendor support staff to deal with
  3. Inefficiencies with systems — Multiple systems to learn and train staff to use
  4. Higher costs — No cost leverage with providers, no volume discounts
  5. Operational inefficiencies for downtime — Risk of one system going down affecting your operation is 5x higher with five vendors instead of one
  6. Operational inefficiencies for scaling — Unsynchronized scaling of your operation as you grow, no one vendor is responsible for your scaling
  7. Operational inefficiencies for integrations — Adding new integrations is more difficult with a pieced-together operating system
  8. Compliance risk — With multiple softwares you’ll have to ensure they are all compliant for cannabis companies
  9. Poor customer experience — Multiple softwares cobbled together does not provide a seamless customer experience
  10. Loss of revenue — No integrated SEO on your ecommerce site and no repeat customers come from marketplaces

Luckily you don’t have to worry about that anymore because at Drop, we have everything in one platform that will make your life easier. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more or talk to our Sales Director now!

Drop Delivery’s All-In-One platform for cannabis delivery services was built to save you the headaches.

Drop is the future delivery. Our All-in-One software empowers retailers by streamlining operations and increasing revenue.

We are the industry’s only compliant, all-in-one, turnkey delivery management solution that offers all of these services and tools in one single easy-to-use platform.

Drop is the complete software suite for Cannabis delivery services with its own branded e-commerce app, customizable rewards program, SMS texting to communicate with customers, smart deals to increase revenue, compliancy integration with METRC for state regulations, mobile inventory to manage a driver’s daily inventory on the road and improve delivery efficiency, last mile delivery logistics to track drivers and deliveries, and the ultimate dashboard to manage everything from inventory to staff.

In 15 minutes we’ll show you all of your headaches have a solution! This same all-in-one system helped deliver over $40M of goods and over 320K successful deliveries for Drop clients. Schedule a 15 min consultation with Quincy, our Sales Director.



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