Top 5 Customer Experience Tweaks You Can Make Today

Whether you are a cannabis retail store, delivery service owner, or social equity applicant, you should know that customer experience is why they come back. A customer’s loyalty is key to your business success, and it starts with the experience you deliver.

Ask customers for their opinion and thank them when they share it with you.

Here are five tweaks you can make today that your customers will notice you’re different.

💡 Learn What Matters to Your Customers

To retain customers, and keep them loyal it’s essential to serve them better. Get to know what they care about so you understand where you stand and where you can improve. People are looking for brands they can belong to and identify with. Ask what they like about your brand, how they like to shop, what they think is a priority for cannabis delivery. Start getting feedback today.

💡 Build A Relationship With Your Customers

Successful businesses form unique connections with customers right from the beginning! You would be surprised to find out it’s not all about the purchase. Start a rewards program. It’s an efficient way of building a relationship with your shoppers.

💡 Allow Your Customers to Communicate With You

Open communication is important in all relationships, especially in customer experience! Lack of human response can really cause a negative experience as customers have questions and concerns during their shopping. It’s important to create a communication loop before, during and after a purchase. Use the best communication options — like SMS!

💡 Value Customers’ Time

In a recent survey 71% of customers stated they want “quick customer support” and 90 per cent said they want a “10 min response to my question”. Value your customers’ time, by quickly getting back to them. That will build a bond between you and your customer. Get on our list for more insights like this, or keep reading.

💡 Train Your Employees

Customers remember how you made them feel, and they will return to the place they have had the best experience. Train your employees properly to deal with customers. That will improve and manage the customer experience, and make your business transparent and consistent.

At Drop Delivery, we live and breathe customer experience. In fact, our complete suite of delivery management software is built to support a customer experience that’s never before been available in the cannabis industry.

Drop is the complete software suite for Cannabis delivery services with its own branded e-commerce app, customizable rewards program, SMS texting to communicate with customers, smart deals to increase revenue, compliancy integration with METRC for state regulations, mobile inventory to manage a driver’s daily inventory on the road and improve delivery efficiency, last mile delivery logistics to track drivers and deliveries, and the ultimate dashboard to manage everything from inventory to staff.

In 15 minutes we’ll show you how overnight you can turn on a proven, fail-proof customer retention program for your business. This same program helped deliver over $40M of goods and over 320K successful deliveries for Drop clients.

Schedule a 15 min consultation with Quincy now or get on our list.



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