Why This Blog Helps Social Equity Applicants & New Cannabis License Holders 🤓🛠💰

If you’re a social equity applicant or a business with a new cannabis retail license, you should know that you can tap the fundamentals of other industries, from Amazon to Sephora, to succeed in the cannabis delivery market.

We heard you were looking for cannabis business development resources that will help you win. Well here they are!

Dispensaries and delivery services launching today need to offer the same easy, intuitive shopping experiences customers have come to expect from groceries, fashion, and beauty.

Did you hear that?

Your new business needs to offer an e-commerce customer experience as easy, intuitive, and reliable as ordering anything else.

🤔 So how can small cannabis businesses compete in this challenging environment? By using online platforms.

How do we know?

Because here at the Drop blog we’re not only committed to getting you the right information that will build your business with a solid foundation and understanding to take it further. Through our all-in-one software platform we also provide businesses just like yours with the tools you need to run a competitive service day-to-day and year-to-year.

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👉 Fundamental #1 Brand Your App

Research shows that customers are looking for companies who they can relate to, and reflect the same values they share. Branding your app will give your business awareness and attract the right customers to you!

👉 Fundamental #2 E-commerce

Customer experience is why your shoppers come back. E-commerce provides a seamless online retail experience that customers expect. When you offer an easier and more enjoyable way of shopping will boost sales and cut back on cart abandonment.

68% of abandoned carts are due to your delivery options

👉 Fundamental #3 Last Mile Delivery

If you run a cannabis delivery service, last mile delivery is an important step in the customer experience. In fact, customers are looking for a reasonable time delivery, and more control over their delivery and will choose between retailers based on your delivery options. Join our mailing list to learn more!

👉 Fundamental #4 SMS Marketing

This digital channel allows you to build a stronger relationship with your customers. Why? One, because it reduces the steps of online purchase. Two, it’s an easy and convenient way to have their questions answered. Three, there’s a 98% open rate!

👉 Fundamental #5 Loyalty Program

If you’re preparing to launch, you’ll soon find out that a loyal customer is more profitable than a new customer. Your loyal shopper will spend 67% more than a new customer. A loyalty program is how to win your customers’ hearts!

We Help You Launch Successfully With The Right Mindset & Tools

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We’re proud to count social equity program members among our clients and are on this journey with you.

At Drop Delivery we empower cannabis businesses like yours to deliver more, worry less, and keep customers coming back in today’s competitive market.

We provide the essential tools and insights to take control of your business — with customized e-commerce solutions, cannabis-specific delivery logistics, compliance reporting, powerful integrated marketing tools, and inventory management all built-in.

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“Drop is the future of delivery.”

~ Marijuana Venture, September 2021

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